Private Voice Lessons

           In the studio, Autumn is dedicated to creating well-rounded musicians and providing the accessible tools for beautiful and communicative singing. During lessons, she focuses on healthy classical vocal technique which will allow freedom from tension and ease of tone production.
           Musicality and singing stylistically are emphasized, as well as musicianship skills such as: reading music, sight-singing, ear-training and language skills in German, French, Italian and English. Repertoire is picked based on each student's level, age and interest, and will remain mostly in the realm of art song, operatic arias and musical theater.

Group Voice Workshops

           Autumn works with choirs and choruses to enhance their knowledge of healthy vocal technique and their sensitivity to the group's collective sound. In group lessons, there is an emphasis on proper breathing, freedom from tension in vocal production, the balance between self and group awareness, and unity of tone production.
           These workshops are immediately beneficial and not only expand the singers' ability to use their instruments, but also create a sense of amity and harmony within the group. Autumn can work with the group regularly, sporadically or just once depending on the goals of the group.

Interested in taking lessons?

If you have an questions regarding lesson info, feel free to contact me.